For Engagements or Weddings

+ Let your photographer know how many people will be at your wedding, how many will be in your bridal party, the location(s) of your venue, and the date and time.

+Think about what you want captured and communicate that with your photographer in advance.

+If you love Pinterest, send a few of your favorite photos to your photographer in advance to help her understand your style.

+Think about special group photos you want taken. Communicate that with the people you wish to include in the photo as well as with your photographer.

+Assign a friend or family member to be “the runner” on your wedding day. This person will help organize anyone you wish to have in group photos. It makes your photos go faster on your special day.


For Small Children & Families

+Schedule your session for a time that your young child is most likely to be in a good mood. Mornings are often easiest on small children.

+Arrive early to get settled and organized before taking photos.

+Bring along whatever you need to keep your children neat, clean and content, like diapers, wipes, snacks, favorite toys and blankets.

+Favorite items, like costumes, hats, or toys, add a personalized touch to your session.  (With advance notice, photographers can also more creatively incorporate those items into your session.)


For Graduating Seniors

+Think about what you’d like to remember about your high school/college years.

+Bring props (jacket, sports equipment, jersey, musical instrument) that you’d like included in your photos.

+You are welcome to change your outfit during the photo session.

+Consider how a hat, jacket, or scarf can give your photos a completely different look without having to change clothes.

+Have fun!


For Events (Prom, Birthday Parties, Etc.)

+How long would you like the photographer there?

+What do you wish to be photographed?

+Communicate your group photo wishes with the people involved in the photo, as well as with your photographer.