This is 40!

If you are born between September 1, 1978-December 31, 1979, you qualify for Picture Sandy Photography’s “This is 40!” photography passion project. All participants must be born during this time frame to participate. There are no exceptions.

What’s in it for you? A FREE photo session, $40 wall art print credit, and matching digital file for purchased wall art. Value of time and product are $350.

Your photography session will include photographs of you as the 40 year old individual. The hope is to capture an image of you that shows your personality, where you are at in life, or something that screams “THIS IS 40!” These images are going to be combined with other images of people who are also 40 years old. Together, when the project is complete, images may be put into a magazine/book, public art show, and/or blog posts. With enough participation, a magazine/book will be designed and sold. It is optional to purchase the book.

Your photography session can also include your family or any other photos you’d like taken. There will be an option to purchase prints, wall art, albums, and other photography products. Should you choose to include your family in your photography session, they will NOT be included in the “This is 40” end product. These images will be solely captured for your personal use.

Where is Picture Sandy Photography located? Picture Sandy Photography is located in Tinley Park, Illinois. We love to travel! Depending upon your current location, we will make an effort to include you in our passion project. We reserve the right to reject any models that we feel are not a good fit for this project.

What’s in it for Picture Sandy Photography? Professional photographers are often caught up in the business of photography. We are doing this as a passion project, meaning for our own enjoyment. Of course, we hope to grow as a photographer, meet new people, and create an amazing end result. Based upon the level of interest, the end result may vary. Some options include: blog posts, social media posts, an art show, and/or a published magazine/book.

How Do I Participate? Your first step in participating (aka–becoming a model) for “This is 40” is to email or call Picture Sandy Photography. Click here to contact us.

What Is The Process and How Long Will It Take?
The process for participating in “This is 40” is as follows:
* Contact us to let us know you are interested in participating.
* Complete our questionnaire. (Link will be emailed to you.)
* Our goal is to photograph you in your birthday month or as close to your birthday as possible.
* Once photographed, you will see your images within one week and order any prints/products you wish at that time.
* The final project is expected to be complete in 2020.